NEO METALIKS LIMITED is a leading producer of Pig Iron of high quality.
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Neo Metaliks is keen to become a supplier of choice for its customers through high quality product and service offerings. This initiative by the company includes, but is not limited to:

  • Delivering products to meet specific end-user requirements, as opposed to standards offerings
  • Providing raw material packages for foundries
  • As a solutions provider to the foundry industry
  • Assisting customers to optimize the operational performance of their cupolas
  • Providing moulding-related service
  • Training of cupola operators
  • Improving melt rates in cupolas
  • Reducing rejections in castings
  • Reducing pollution levels in cupola gas discharge
  • Trouble shooting.

Neo Metaliks assures that its products will be environment friendly and will not pose any health or safety hazard during its use. It will comply with regulations related to health and safety aspects of product.